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Using IFS Strategies and Experiential Practices in Resolving Trauma and Attachment Wounds

This is a new beyond the basics training facilitated by Mary Green MA, LPC Certified IFS Therapist and Approved Consultant and Lois Ehrmann PhD, LPC Certified IFS Therapist and Approved Consultant

For More information go to the following LInk

Trainings and Consultation

Lois offers trainings about trauma and attachment treatment, the use of IFS and Somatic IFS (developed by Susan McConnell), IFS with Children and Families, Clinical Consultation and Clinical Supervision. Check this page often to see where and what she might be training in the future.

Somatic Internal Family Systems Deepening Skills & Consultation Group
New Dates for 2025 Coming Soon!!

Lois Ehrmann will be offering an ONLINE series of seven 3.0 hours of active learning consultation groups for clinicians/practitioners who wish to further develop skills in the provision of Somatic IFS. Some of the format of the group will be similar to the supervised practice groups that occur in the Somatic IFS Trainings conducted by Susan McConnell. The group size is limited to 6 participants.



1.Participants must have completed Level 1 training through the IFS-Institute

2.Participants must have a Certificate of Completion from a Somatic IFS TRAINING with Susan McConnell


General Goals of the Group:

By the completion of the Group process participants will have:

1.Engaged in the opportunity of weekly self- exploration in the practices of Somatic IFS

2.Experientially participated in 6 practice SIFS sessions as either a practice therapist, practice client or an active learning observer

3.Had the opportunity to present a client situation from their caseloads in the consultation time-period of this program to increase clarity about the use of Somatic IFS practices in the therapeutic process.


The Group format will be the following:

Soon to be determined; 10:00 am- 1:15 pm Eastern Time Zone-Week 1: Gathering and Forming


•Collaborative Group Guideline Construction (includes discussion around videotaping and transcript distribution to group members only etc.)

•Organizing practice sessions for Groups 2-7

•Developing individual goals and objectives

•Ending meditation


Soon to be determined; 10:00 am-1:15 pm-Week 2: Somatic Awareness

•05 minutes: Welcome and Hellos

•15 minutes: Guided Meditation the Somatic IFS practice of somatic awareness

•20 minutes: Open Space inviting our Parts and responses to the meditation.

•55 minutes: Practice Session with the following Roles: Therapist, Client, Observer 1, Observer 2, Observer 3, Observer 4

•15-minute break

•20 minutes: Feedback order: Observer 1, Observer 2, Observer 3, Observer 4, Client, Therapist, Consultant verbal feedback with written feedback to follow post group session.

•60 minutes: Case Consultation on Somatic IFS processes in Participants’ caseloads

•05 minutes: Closing with Goodbyes and Best Wishes


The remaining sessions will follow the first group format with the following topics:

Soon to be determined; 10:00 am- 1:15 pm-Week 3: Conscious Breathing

Soon to be determined; 10:00 am -1:15 pm-Week 4: Radical Resonance

Soon to be determined; 10:00 am -1:15 pm-Week 5: Mindful Movement

Soon to be determined; 10:00 am -1:15 pm-Week 6: Attuned Touch

Soon to be determined; 10:00 am -1:15 pm-Week 7: Embodied Self

Total minutes =180 minutes which is the equivalent of 3 hours for each session.


All participants must commit to the following:

•To bring Embodied Self Energy to share with fellow learners in supporting the C’s of curiosity, compassion, clarity, connectedness, courage, confidence, creativity, calm.

•To be open to feedback given kindly and compassionately in the service of increasing competency in the skills of the Somatic IFS

•To promote safety in the group through confidentiality, sanctity of the time devoted to the practice group, and protection of the process by being in a private area with the zoom computer protected from intrusions.

•To follow the collaborative group guidelines developed in the first group meeting.

•To act in the role of practice therapist at least once and practice client at least once and to be active in the learning process by taking on one of the observer roles in the other weeks.

•To make sure that every group member has a chance to staff a client situation in one of the groups before requesting of the group a second time to staff a client situation.


Commitment of the Facilitator:

Lois Ehrmann agrees to commit to the following:

•To facilitate the group logistics in a timely and organized fashion

•To facilitate the group processes in a respectful Self Led way

•To provide constructive feedback on all group practice sessions verbally during the group meeting and then in written form after the meeting adjourns

•To provide best practices recommendations during the time devoted to consultation on participants’ clients


Cost of the Program:

$600.00 Payable by January 5th 2024 and not refundable.

Lois is an Approved Consultant for the IFS Institute so these hours can be used toward IFS certification and recertification

Payment can be made through this website on the payment page. Look for "SIFS Consultation Group"


How to Register: Pay the fee and then Lois will send you via email the application and informed consent that must be read, signed, and returned prior to final acceptance into the group. Lois may request a face- to- face (Zoom) meeting as well. There will be only 6 participants in the group.

Questions or more information contact Lois at

Parts Mapping Within the Internal Family Systems Model of Psychotherapy: An Advanced IFS Training

This training in the Fall if 2023 went very well and participants received 6.5 continuing education credits toward licensure and 6.5 continuing education hours toward IFS certification! If you or your group in interested in this training contact Lois !

Stationary photo

Intoduction to Internal Family Systems Psychotherapy: Working with the Parts of the Person

If you would like to know what IFS is all about and would like to have an experiential experience in learning some basic skills before you jump into a formal Level 1 training this is the workshop for you.

Lois and her co-presenter Mary Green, MA, LPC Certified IFS Therapist Level 1,2,3 trained and a team of great Guides will assist all participants in safely exploring the concepts of IFS and how to actually take the concepts and move them into the therapy room! 


This training is all online and takes place over 4 days approximately 8:30 am -2:00 pm


NACHAS Consulting is the organization sponsoring this program and for more information go to

Important Note: Our June 2024 Program served 36 beautiful Participants and we have scheduled this program again for December 8th, 9th, 15th and 16th, 2024.   Contact NACHAS in the above link to register.

EXTERNAL Course Opportunities by Lois Ehrmann PhD, LPC, NCC, CTTS


Lois has four courses made into webinars via PESI. The trainnigs are about the following:Clinical Supervision; Treatment for attachment and other trauma in children and their families; The impact of COVID in our roles as mental health providers; Staying calm in the storm of the pandemic.

The PESI catalog website for Lois is:


Lois' has an offering through this organization on the use of Internal Family Systems Psychotherapy with attachment wounded Children and their families.

The website is:


Lois has a 30 hour Clinical Superision course specific to Canadian requirements.

The Website is:

COMPASSIONATE INQUIRY MENTOR COURSE ON CLINICAL SUPERVISION/CONSULTATION: This course was developed specifically for The Mentor Program in CI and to find out more information on this offering click on the link below:

CI Mentor Training


To Explore booking a training from Lois Ehrmann for your group or organization...

Contact Lois at

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